Getting Started

Motifmate aims to help you develop Shopify themes locally in an easier and faster way than ever before. There’s no need to open up Terminal and type a command just to download/upload or save templates or assets. With Motifmate, you just need to open the app, add your store, and begin coding. As simple as it sounds!

Never remove a local theme folder through your Finder or File Explorer when Motifmate is running, Motifmate will automatically detect and remove all theme files from Shopify too. Quit Motifmate before doing this and when Motifmate reopened, it will automatically detect the local file has gone and avoid any remove action.
Or you can read more how to safely remove or move local folder.

Before using Motifmate, you need to have a Shopify store and store owner account. If you only have a staff or collaborator account, please make sure you have a full permission to the store and already setup a password to your account.

Follow these steps to setup account password :

  1. Login to you partner DashboardManaged StoresLogin to your client store. (skip this if you're using a staff account)
  2. In your client store dashboard, set up your account password by going to Your ProfilePassword ResetSet Password.

To check your permissions to the store please go to Shopify documentation page.

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Registering Store

Motifmate works on several Operating Systems including macOS, Linux and Windows. You can check your OS version and download Motifmate installer in download page.

If you failed to login to your store while in authentication step, this means you haven't setup account password, follow above steps and try again.
If you got permission issue after authentication, you should check your account permission and make sure you have a full permission before registering a store.

Follow these steps to register your Shopify store :

  1. Open Motifmate › Click Add New StoreHome
  2. Type your Shopify store url with valid format :
  3. Click Add Store › This will redirect you to Shopify for authentication.
  4. When authentication done you'll be redirected to Home screen where you can see your theme list.Home
  5. Click your theme to download all theme files to your local folder, read more.

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