Diff Viewer

This feature will intellegently detect any differences in your live store against local version before saving. Whenever differences detected, Motimate will provide you a two splitted panels to check the differences.

This feature will avoid you to overwrite other changes, pretty useful for several developers working in one Shopify store.

Left panel is your local version, right panel is live store version.

The panel will be displayed automatically only if there are differences detected, right after you save your change. You can apply the change from right panel by clicking the arrow in the middle.

Once you're done applying changes then you can resave.

Currently Diff Viewer only works if you're not using Emulator, we will cover Emulator + Diff Viewer in future updates.
Recently, Shopify automatically escape url slash in config/settings_schema.json, Diff Viewer will detect this and you can ignore it. In future updates, we will cover an automatic url slash escape for this file.


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