While running, Motifmate also run an automatic synchronization for your theme list and files in the background, however you still can manually synchronize your theme list and/or files.

An automatic synchronization on your theme files won't run if Emulator running.
Never remove a local theme folder through your Finder or File Explorer when Motifmate is running, Motifmate will automatically detect and remove all theme files from Shopify too. Quit Motifmate before doing this and when Motifmate reopened, it will automatically detect the local file has gone and avoid any remove action.
Or you can read more how to safely remove or move local folder.
Synchronize installed theme with Shopify

This feature can be used to syncrhronize your local theme list with live store, if you installed a new theme through your Shopify admin and wanted to immediately synchronize it with your local you can do this. Just click the Sync Installed Theme with Shopify button in Motifmate home screen and Motifmate will do the rest.


Synchronize local files with Shopify

If you feel your local theme files is out of sync with your live store, you can use this. This feature will download all your theme files from live store and make sure your local synced.

  1. Right click above the theme › Choose Synchronize › Choose Local Files with Shopify.

  2. Motifmate will ask a confirmation › Click Yes.
Synchronize Shopify with local files

This feature is a reversed version from above. Whenever you need to push every theme files from your local to live store, use this feature.

  1. Right click above the theme › Choose SynchronizeShopify with Local Files.

  2. Motifmate will ask a confirmation › Click Yes.

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